MKX160 Series

MKX160 Series - Featuring the highest capacity auger on the market.

The MKX 160 has a 16" diameter tube and is available in 85', 105' and 125' lengths with capacity over 23,000 bph. In order to design the best auger we’ve ever built, we utilized our world-class manufacturing facility and highly skilled research and development team.

Westfield designed every detail of this auger for today’s demanding large farm and commercial operators. From the engineered top truss, for added strength and stability, to a long list of standard features, the MKX160 is built to last.

The low profile hopper is only 11 and ¾ inches high and has 3 flights, featuring Westfield’s industry leading Wear Edge technology. This gives the auger long lasting, reliable performance that Westfield’s customers have come to expect. The 16" augers come complete with a CV PTO 1000 rpm reducer reverser, remote electric power swing and hydraulic winch to make setting up at the bin fast and easy. During harvest, when unloading the grain is top priority, the Westfield MKX160 has everything you need for quick and easy turnaround.


In the Tube
    • Square flight connections

On the Low Profile Hopper
    • Triple flighting
    • Easy access transition - no tools required
    • Double intake flight for better grain flow

On the Swing Head
    • Sealed flex spout
    • Chain coupler for long lasting performance

On the Boot
    • Clear access panel
    • Large booth for increased capacity
    • External grease zerk
    • Removable slip-on boot flight

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Standard Features


Low Profile Hopper

Swing Head



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