100 Reasons Contest Results

Congratulations to Tyson Bialas! He is the winner of the Westfield "100 Reasons Contest" and is the owner of a brand new MKX 100 auger. Read his testimonial below to find out why he loves Westfield!
“I am a 5 generation farmer in the south central part of South Dakota where we primarily raise corn, soybeans, and wheat. Westfield augers have always been our family farms auger of choice for many reasons. The strength and durability that these augers can handle is unmatched. From the wheat to the wet corn of early harvest these augers handle the grain with efficiency and CARE. To us it’s very important that our augers handle the grain with care as they handle the same grain twice; loading into our bins during harvest, and then again when we empty our bins to sell. We have many hired hands and during the heart of harvest these augers do not get a break so it is important that our Westfield augers handle the toll harvest has. As important the harvester is in the field so is our Westfield auger in the yard, because when your auger is down so is the whole operation. Westfield has proven itself over and over again that they are the leader in grain augers, and that is why you will see the yellow and red standing tall and strong in our yard.”

- Tyson Bialas, South Dakota

“I use Westfield augers because they've proven to be very dependable and reliable. One of our Westfield augers is 15 or more years old and still works like a top. Our other one is 10 years old and has been trouble free since we bought it.”

- Allen, Iowa

“After farming for 40 years and purchasing over 10 other auger brands, I finally decided to take the advice of other farmers who are happy with Westfield.  It was time for me to buy a Westfield.”

- Gary, Missouri

“Clearance, Clearance and Clearance. Westfield has the best under auger clearance and reach on the market. We have several older bin sites that were not designed for semi access. The clearances that Westfield provides allows us to load out of some really tight locations.”

- Beau, Illinois

“We have had many Westfield augers and competitor’s brands definitely prefer Westfield due to dependability and the value of the name when it comes to resale! From 10-31 electric load-out augers to MK13-91 fill augers to many different sizes in between. We have ten different Westfield augers on the farm right now!!!”

- Terry, Minnesota

“I choose the auger because it's local to me and I love it because it's done over 3 million bushels and still running.”

- Jeff, Manitoba (image)

“Being a young farmer, I will never forget the first time I drove a tractor, with a Westfield auger behind it. Even though it will soon need replaced by a newer model, it reminds me of that first time when I was a boy. My son is now that age. Westfield makes a great auger.”

- Ryan, Iowa 

“Quality built and very reliable. Grease zerks are easier to get to compared to the competitors. I own three Westfield augers and the only anger I will ever purchase will be a Westfield.”

- Kyle, Iowa (image)

“We choose Westfield solely based on quality. There is no other brand that matches the quality of product that we can get from Westfield. They are well built and built to last.”

- Chris, Iowa (image)

“We have used Westfield augers on our farm since day one, they are dependable, reliable and always do their job.”

- Larry, North Dakota

“Well built, efficient, reliable, and priced right.”

- Dennis, Iowa (image)

“We choose Westfield augers because they make strong dependable augers that stand the test of time. The auger that is in the pictures that I submitted is a 60-36 Westfield auger, the very first Westfield auger on the farm. It was purchased in the early 1980's to serve as the main auger on the farm, both loading and emptying storage bins. It has served the family farm faithfully every year and continues to perform up to our expectations. Westfield augers are built with the quality that allows a 30 year old auger that has conveyed well over a million bushels to still perform fully today. That is why we choose Westfield augers.”

- Ryan, Alberta 

“We have three of the Westfield augers and they are crucial in our operation. We use these augers to put up grain in grain bunkers, flat storage houses and have even used them to feed our elevator when the pit broke down. These augers get the job done and have been ran hard and put up wet and still chug along moving bushel after bushel. I like Westfield augers because they are hardy and put up with long running hours. Parts are usually readily available for them and my employees can usually replace worn out and broken parts fairly quickly and easily.”

- Dustin, Texas


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