Westfield Industries is committed to the design of safe products and encouraging safe use. This is accomplished through the use of safety devices, safety decals and operation manuals.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they fully understand and use all safety devices and to follow all safety decals/instructions before operating the product. If users follow the safety instructions, they will be able to operate the product easily and safely throughout its lifetime.

Safety First


Safety is everyone’s business!
Some items on our website may be shown with safety shields removed for clarity. Do not operate with safety shields removed. Do not modify. Use only for intended purpose. Read manual before operating.

  • Follow machine safety signs and messages.
  • Observe safe operating practices. Carefully read all equipment manuals and all safety signs. Safety signs and decals must be kept in good condition.
  • Replace all missing shields and/or warning decals immediately. Replacement safety shields and warning decals for Westfield products can be ordered by contacting Westfield.
Phone: (204) 746-2396
Toll Free: (866) 467-7207
  • If intake shields have been removed, misplaced or damaged. We'll replace them FREE OF CHARGE, regardless of the age of the equipment. Also available to you at no cost are safety decals and operation/safety manuals. If you believe your Westfield equipment is in need of safety equipment, contact us for information or questions.
  • Make no unauthorized modifications to the machine. Modifications may endanger the function and/or safety of the unit. Periodically check all mechanical and electrical components. Keep all equipment in good working condition.


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