Chris Thaeker, Saskatchewan

“I absolutely love Westfield’s MK Flex auger. It is so easy to use and really simplifies my life. I like how the Flex’s ‘A’ frame lift creates stability. While other augers I’ve used in the past get stuck in the muddy ruts, the Flex did not; it’s the best auger I’ve ever used on my farm. Last harvest I had an MK and an MK Flex in use at the same time on the same yard, and when I realized how awesome the Flex was, I couldn’t get a second Flex fast enough!”

David Hardin, Grain and Livestock Producer

“Westfield augers provide the quality, reliability, and low-maintenance that we depend on for our successful farming operation. The high-capacity of the augers has allowed for increased efficiency when utilizing our off-farm storage facilities during harvest.”

-David Hardin from Avon, Indiana has two Westfield MK1061 augers

Gary Nagel, Iowa

"We've been selling Westfield augers for over 25 years. Westfield is by far the top auger in the industry. When re-selling, nine times out of 10, the Westfield outsells the competition."


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